I have thoughts about the punchline here, but they’re better applied to tomorrow’s installment.

It’s as if we were resorting to making Syr’Nj shout an urgent motivation at us, to make us do this next part of the story. We knew we had to, but we didn’t wanna, and as a result, it’s at about this point that the story starts really dragging. Again, I think that if we had been at our best, we probably could have dived right into the history of labor rights in America and abroad and churned out either a deep exploration of the law or a breathless, exciting montage that covered the key points.

But after we’d emotionally exhausted ourselves yelling about stupid crap for so many weeks, that just felt like so much worrrrk, uuuugh.

“CAN YOU DO IT??” shouted Syr’Nj.

And Phil and I replied, as one:

“Well… yeah, I guess so. I hope so. Maybe? We’ll try, y’know?”