Frigg is like parmesan: she goes well with everything. The natural chemistry she showed with E-Merl in the last chapter is back, but she’s also fencing pretty well with Sundar, another black-haired guy who’s been feeling a little down about himself lately.

You see my point, I’m sure. Two wood elves on two consecutive pages have given us giant hurray-for-books speeches, and just like Frigg, Phil and I seemingly can’t get out of that library fast enough. I had my issues with that decision, but it may have been the lesser of two evils. At least these three meandering a bit is guaranteed to be entertaining. Here’s a rejected outline page that shows you what you might’ve seen if we’d kept the camera inside the building:

Four long panels, each showing our heroes dissecting a different aspect of the proposal.

Rendar, Lectrus: Historical/Futurism.  Kur’Ik: Current events. Rachel and Gravedust: Morality. Byron: Ethics.