Pretty sure Stewart’s outburst here is modeled on my own behavior with Phil: still waters running deep until you get in my face one too many times and then, boom. Actually, Sundar and Stewart respectively look an awful lot like Phil and I did at the time. It’s not hard for me to see the autobiographical inspiration for this overwhelming backlog of busywork, either. I’m sorry, bro.

Stewart may think he’s the professional one here, but he’s just leaving those expired jobs up on the post when he could at least take down most of them. Oh, what’s that, Stewart, “It’s not my job to take things down, just to put them up?” C’mon, man, don’t put yourself in that small a box. Have some pride in your workspace, for gosh sakes. And get Phil those earnings reports, already!

The most startling thing about Frigg’s idea will turn out to be that she’s actually got some relevant thoughts about governance. Syr’Nj is rubbing off on her a little. (A very little.)