That’s got to be one of Phil’s all-time best alt texts, there.

Byron’s last name is kind of like “Sundar the Sunderer” or “Syr’Nj,” an on-the-nose pun that fit Guilded Age a bit better before we completely settled on a tone for it. I mean, there’s still plenty of chuckles in Arkerra, but the naming conventions moved to a lower key of humor (“Braggadocio the Beast-Eater,” “Lectrus,” even “Fr’Nj”) when they were humorous at all. Bringing “Hackenslasher” back here, though, is a nice way of underscoring the irony: neither Byron nor his ancestors ever expected to be standing in these hallowed halls.

Pardo’s not the most gifted politician in the Hall, but clumsy as he can be with Syr’Nj, he knows how to give Byron the answer he’s seeking while managing his expectations a bit. Although really, Syr’Nj’s smile has already done the first job for him.