Of course she had to know who.

By the bye, this is a real locale: Bixby Canyon in Big Sur, California. It’s about six hours’ drive from Irvine (which is where we consider Hurricane to be, since that’s where Blizzard Entertainment is headquartered). There are closer places to dump a body, but even in her current state, Carol is competent and organizationally-minded: getting as far as possible from the scene of the crime makes it far less likely that any remains, if eventually discovered, will be connected with the right missing persons case. The water should take care of any identifying marks pretty quickly. And there’s a good chance it’ll just wash out to sea forever. This is not foolproof, but as body-disposal strategies go, it’s not too bad for short notice.

You can only pull a driving all-nighter like this when you’re pretty young, though. If HR had to do it himself, he’d probably fall asleep on the way back, run off the road, and save everyone a lot of trouble.