And here’s our second dose of exposition. I did my best to scatter a lot of seeds to lend it interest: the continued reverence for Frigg, the contrast between Hestia’s ideology and Blair’s pragmatism, and the implications of that “5-4-3” countdown.

I find it interesting that Hestia really really wants to find Rachel and be friends with her again, whereas Blair pretty much knows that’s impossible and would prefer to avoid her. Either one of these attitudes would be less bad news than the two of them together. Conflict with Peacemakers is all but inevitable in the long term, but it’s the combination of Hestia and Blair’s personalities that’s forcing it to a head now.

Sieglus the adventurer is moving, at least, suggesting that the sisters’ punishment is not quite lethal. Hard to say if old Nizar made it, though, or if he’ll ever heal right.

Okay, I know I’ve said this before, but my notes confirm it was here: I stumbled onto this title accidentally and then officially turned titling duties fully over to Phil. “You’ve been doing most of these anyway, and I hate doing them,” I confessed. With helpful honesty, Phil replied, “Well, of course you hate it. You’re terrible at it.” [laugh track]