Phil looked at the end of the last page, where Carol uttered the word “magick,” and was like, Are we sure we want to go here? But to be honest, that was a bit of a fake-out. It doesn’t really matter what Carol discloses about HR’s sorcery, because Shanna is the last person on Earth who would believe in such things without irrefutable evidence, and even if she got some, she’d spend a lot of energy trying to refute it first.

Right now, it’s very very easy for her to believe that Carol’s fragile emotional state has made Carol a bit hallucinatory and irrational. But, with effort, she bites her tongue about that. When your hostile interview subject is breaking down and spilling their guts, you don’t want to say anything that might make them close back up again.

“Things in the basement” is an interesting word choice. Carol might not be referring to the Five. Sorcery can take strange shapes.

Shanna’s compulsive nerd-trolling is something you just have to accept about her at this point, like it’s Tourette’s or some other disability. She’ll never fully lose it, at least not in this universe. But I find it hilarious that she makes noise about never having seen Lord of the Rings and then, one panel later, summarizes that story’s main theme in eleven words or less.