“Priorities.” There is maybe one other reason to promote Magda to the spot; for all her enthusiasm here, she’s the only one who seems to understand what war is and what loss means. Hers is a tempered optimism, and it’ll be tested soon enough.

Ah, there’s another Harky grin in panel 4. Though this probably counts as one meant for Gondolessa.

IIRC, the other Tectonican Dwarves vanished from the story after this page, though some references to dwarves worshiping Tectonicus cropped up later. That might’ve been an oversight on Phil’s and my part (their powers could’ve helped in the last four chapters or so), but it might just be a sign of how quickly Iver abandoned political support for them, once it became clear they weren’t gonna get him what he wanted. Edit to add: I did NOT recall correctly and they WILL show up again, but I maintain that their lack of prominence for twenty-plus chapters after this may still say something about Iver’s true priorities.