I was late announcing this, so ICYMI, I’ve published the Putin scene of Shakespeare’s Trump.

As Rick and Morty demonstrated, “getting the team together” sequences can get formulaic pretty quickly if you’re not careful. I don’t know if it was conscious on our parts, but I’m proud that Phil and I made each team-member acquisition vary from each of the others. In two cases, that meant skipping the recruitment scene altogether.

So Rana gets the least screen time of all the Champions here, but it’s implied that we don’t need any more space to get to know him, and furthermore, that we might learn more about him from these two informed old tacticians discussing him than we’d learn from a scene of talking with the guy himself. Gondolessa excepted, avians often aren’t much for talking.

This sure proves how much Harky trusts Gondolessa as an advisor. Even Madam Arfa wouldn’t be able to get away with this kind of talk. But then, Gondolessa is smart enough to save it for a private moment.