This, of course, is the chapter’s least surprising development. We originally had a little more to this scene, with Auraugu sitting down and continuing to irritate some of his teammates while starting to win others over. It could’ve been fun, but I was starting to chafe at the pacing. The Penk-Harky stuff we were putting off was a lot more interesting.

There was a lot of discussion about who in the team was meant to be an opposite number for which Peacemaker. Like, was Auraugu the anti-Frigg, a brawler with some anachronistic features who sang his own praises? Or did his showmanship make him an anti-Best? Or did his speed and stealth make him an opposite to Bandit, whom he’d already fought twice?

We never really thought about the Champions in that way, though. We gave them a few traits that opposed our heroes’ traits, like berserk fighting and scientific proficiency, but mixed and matched them pretty freely. Making these villains just extensions of our heroes by way of a dark mirror probably would’ve gotten in the way of appreciating the Rebels as their own people, and the fact that they are their own individuals is kind of the point.