Naturally, Karmakat has a band of five. We dealt with various adventuring squads and groups of different sizes (the one in this chapter, with very good reason, will be six), but five tended to be our default. Maybe we were unconsciously echoing The Five, or maybe that’s just a good, solid number that allows us to render a lot of variety without overburdening the art.

Favorite comment, by Brigand Brigade (not that I agree with the sentiment, but I gotta respect the use of language):

I don’t mean to take the wind out of Karmakat’s sails, but as a curse that kind of blows. It would be a breeze to break. I know everybody thought he was the cat’s meow, but honestly, this whole episode has made him look like a bit of a milktoast. The mane problem is that the gnolls probably don’t care if they’re constantly fighting; as a conquering people, bloodshed is kind of the daily forecast. And on top of that, they’re in a good position to weather any violence directed at them, now that they’re the raining power in Karmakat’s own castle. With the the other monster races to serve as their catspaws, I think they’ve come out of this better than ever.

All in all, Karmakat should know better than to curse anybody. What goes around comes around, after all.