Oh, yayyy it’s the Silver Centurionnn not even doing the magick stuff that’s supposed to be most of his dealllll

It’s only just now occurring to me (as I write this annotation, a week or two in advance) that maybe Phil intended that absence of superpower as a hint that this is not the real Centurion. But we do later have Ardaic materialize that armor out of nothing, and he talks about passing his power on to another, so… (shrugs)

Earlier version had this as “There’s only one Arkerra.” Goblaurence’s generalizations do seem a bit less prescient in light of later revelations that the kingdoms of Arkerra don’t cover nearly as much of the planet as our civilization does of Earth. Yeah, you’ll run out of resources eventually, Gobs, but if Arkerran peoples really wanted to live peacefully with their neighbors, they could do it for untold generations before the wells started running dry. It’s just easier to take your neighbors’ shit than find new shit, is all. Same reason Earth had wars even back when there were fewer than 500 million people on it.