I can tell, without looking it up in the script, that this is about where Flo started driving the bus for the rest of the chapter. The early stuff is just full of goings-on, the Joel-Shanna scene is a mix, but this moment is stretched and savored in a way that Flo just made a lot more of a priority. And I could say the same about the moment in the last page of this scene and the one running all through the next scene.

Mind, I still contributed a bit to the rest of these pages. Here, I gave the sky elves some “understanding and patient” commentary, explaining why GD wouldn’t get in trouble for breaking the statue but still twisting the knife in his gut. A reminder that even among the Gastonian alliance, the racism doesn’t always flow in just one direction.

You have to watch out you don’t get too depressed in a floating city. I mean, it’s not like it lacks convenient places to jump.