There was a small artistic flourish in the Death of Superman comics event, which I am definitely not recommending you read. For the last four issues of it, the panel-counts of each page formed a countdown. There was one story where every page had four panels, then one where every page had three, then two, and finally one. Something a bit similar is playing out here, with these two unusually large panels building up to a big splash on the next page.

I’m mulling over how everyone figured out not only that Gravedust was here, but what he was upset about and what to do about it. And I guess the conclusion I have to reach is that E-Merl’s the one who explained the situation, and maybe Fr’Nj told them how it went or maybe the discussion was just loud enough that they needed no interpreter.

This “right to side-questing” is a great idea. Sure wish we’d planted it in Chapter 24 instead of kind of pulling it out of our butts here, but at least it’s pretty consistent with the Adventurer’s Guild as we established it.