I don’t have many non-redundant things to say about the philosophical sculpture that HR is glassblowing over this and the next couple of updates. It does remind me of the way some meta-comics like to toy with the idea that everybody’s reality is some higher reality’s fiction, perhaps in an infinite chain or perhaps finally terminating in the ultimate Creator.

Just as well we scrapped the idea of Wordsworth and Mongo (fictional “creators” of the comic strip “Guilded Age”), otherwise they probably would’ve shown up at the end, here. And they probably would’ve been smoking weed.

It is interesting to me that we finished the first scene by saying that in Plato’s example, any enlightened cave-dweller would be put to death for trying to enlighten someone else. And yet here HR is, trying to do exactly that. Admittedly, he will only do this with Carol. A sign of the value he put on their relationship almost from the start? A gnawing need to tell somebody? Or just another way he regards himself as above the rules?