Carol as we’ve never quite seen her. She doesn’t look like a teenager or even quite like a college girl, but there’s something about her look here that feels not quite finished. Hair, face, clothing choice. Again, fine work on John’s part. HR looks younger and livelier too, but his subtle differences are less profound as he’s already well on his way to becoming the HR we know.

She’s still too new to the company to be calling him “HR,” and he’s not going to encourage that until she’s firmly on the inside with him. But she does have enough security in her position that she can ask the important questions.

Normal-colored tie. I feel like HR must have already practiced some sorcery at this point, to feel like his plan is possible. But perhaps the difference that the tie signifies is that he has no magickal spells that are currently running here, whereas once the Five are in the tubes, his magick is always in operation.