Good job on panel 1, John and me. Gravedust’s visualized examples are simple and effective. Because we’ve just seen E-Merl and Rachel making eyes at each other and Fr’Nj grumbling her concerns about Syr’Nj’s health, watching them slaughter each other hits a lot harder than it would if we were seeing Scipio beating up on Bandit or Frigg waling on Ardaic. But the weapon Rachel’s using indicates that there’s already been some blood spilled behind the scenes.

That said, there’s a reason we did this one-frame nightmare vision and not an extended fantasy sequence. You don’t want to venture too far into gruesome shock just for gruesome shock’s sake. And that’s all I have to say about the alt text. :-)

I do wish panel 2 was a little less ambiguous: it kinda looks like Sundar is still working up the nerve to start following the creature through that tunnel, when really he should be making progress already. Sundar’s far from perfect, but when the dude has a clear duty, he dives right in and does it.