I don’t generally believe in magical-thinking “laws” like “If you worry about it, it won’t happen, and if you don’t, it will.” But for some reason, that does flash through my mind when I glance at panels 2 and 3 here. Part three of my adventure follows…

Why would USPS do this? Why would anyone do this? Why would they think sending a damaged shipment would be worse than sending no shipment at all—-well, there was no time for this. We had a crisis to manage, and as I was the one who had our extra books in storage, that meant had a crisis to manage.

Our print run was large enough that we had 201 books to spare, but getting them to Diamond via UPS or FedEx would be even more expensive now. Ultimately, I had no choice to make a road trip of it. After all, Diamond’s Plattsburgh, New York headquarters was only (pause to check Google Maps) twelve hours away. And hey, I could probably shave that down to ten or so if I consistently drove 9.5 miles over the speed limit. You couldn’t get arrested for that! That meant it was safe!

Each box contained twenty copies. I would bring ten boxes and three extra copies. (10 X 20) + 3 = 200 +3 = 203 > 201. Each box also weighed thirty pounds. I asked my apartment complex for a dolly, and the manager gave me a sort of collapsible basket on wheels, which took two boxes and promptly fell apart.

So I had to carry them in by hand. But so what? I’d been meaning to spend more time at the gym lately, and this was almost as good. That brief ache in my back when I did boxes 6 and 7 didn’t turn out to be anything permanent. With boxes 8 and 9, I remembered to lift with the legs.

I assembled the boxes in the shape of a husky passenger in the back seat, so I’d have someone to talk to after hour 7. What with one thing and another, I finally got out of the house about 3 PM on Friday.