Magda just had her life saved by a Peacemaker. Even over and above the alliance they’ve formed here to save her people, that’s a detail she will not forget.

Readers were beginning to detect that the length and stakes of this battle and the number of players on the board might be setting things up for someone to die. Looked like it could’ve been Fr’Nj or Magda there, but now they look about as safe as it’s possible for them to be… maybe Frigg? Could we lose Frigg, like, permanently?

Also, some thought that we may have lost Hammerhead between panels 4 and 5. I guess the direction Frigg kicked him in is ambiguous. She probably wouldn’t have minded too much if he ended up knocked into the Beast and derezzed, except that they clearly can’t afford for the Beast to get any stronger. The original plan had Hammerhead vanish from the narrative until after the climax, but that would’ve been confusing: we’ll catch up with him and close off his thread in the next page.