So, yeah, we skipped past one of the errant tentacles catching up with Prill. I thought I’d get more pushback from Flo on that, but she was a bit skittish about lingering on death scenes of children and may have suggested it if I didn’t.

It was, I think, the right call. Muting the impact of Prill’s death just a bit, focusing solely on the people it affects, means that the emotion of the story ramps up smoothly as we approach its climax.

And the comparison-by-crosscutting draws some unexpected parallels between the hero-worshipping boy who died enabling his idol to destroy this monster and the hero-worshipping nun who… um… uh-oh

Gring and Prill were siblings. I think she’ll have a rough time of it for a while, but I expect that with time she’ll find her own way to help others, albeit a lower-risk way.

Panel 2: Holy-powered leaps. Definitely.