Flo and I went back and forth on when Penk should enter this scene. At one point, I felt he should come in just in time to see Rachel’s death, or at least to ask the question that Magda asks here, just to firmly cement in his mind that Peacemakers died protecting his people. As it turned out, though, the last three pages of the chapter will definitely hammer that loss home to Penk without his needing to witness it personally.

Magda has figured on Frigg and Rachel being lovers since the first time she met them (see panel 5 here). Except for a slight awkwardness (“‘Companion’ is the correct term, yes?”), she seems to have no problem with homosexuality, unlike a more conservative dwarf I could mention. This will be important later.

Note that Frigg actually looks more pained once Fr’Nj starts healing her. Her physical injuries are not as bad as the pain that consciousness is going to bring her. This will be important a lot sooner.