I’ll be honest with y’all: I was not expecting as many feels as I got annotating this chapter. And in some ways, this expression of grief is even tougher to do than the death scene was. What John did with Frigg here, those tears spilling down the shoulders of her armor, is just… whew. Good thing we’ve got a lighter story between this and Chapter 36.

The script is 100% Flo, and I’m sure she was digging deep on this one. When we were naming easiest and hardest characters to write, she cited Frigg as the easiest for her and Gravedust, with his emphasis on spirituality, as the hardest.

Plotwise, this page advances two arcs. As well as spiritual issues she’s been putting off, Frigg is now going to have to confront emotions outside her normal comfort zone of joy, rage, boredom, and lust… a bit like she had to do when she was feeling some sexual inadequacy, but a lot more seriously and permanently. But Penk is also coming to grips with humans having those feelings. What he sees here affects a speech and a decision that he’ll make on the very next page.