The gist of the original last line was something like “Aw man, you turned him into a monster!”, building on “you taught him condescension.” Flo vetoed this as too obvious and forced, and she was probably right. I also pondered having a younger Brother Tom in the final panel, either skulking in the shadows or walking up in the spot currently occupied by the kobold skinner, moseying to the center of town like it ain’t no thing. I vetoed that one myself, for pretty much the same reason. We know what happened to these guys. No need to belabor it… any more than the next couple of pages will belabor it, at any rate.

I love what John did with the “It was THIS BIG!” fish story being told at bottom right.

Alt text is accurate. So that’s it for these two! I think the obvious love they bear each other and Byron goes some way toward explaining why Byron’s issues weren’t even worse after all he’s been through. But some of “all he’s been through” is coming up in those next two pages.