That berserker demon is finally piercing Colonnus on this page, turning him berserk… and the more I look at that chest wound, the more certain I am he’s dying right there. His death and Astoria’s will be verbally confirmed in the next full chapter, and this is his last on-panel appearance.

There’ll soon be even less room for doubt about what’s happening to Rabbit here, as captured by this pair of comments, two minutes apart, both by Berius:

Where’s Rabbit?

Wait, who is Bragg eating???

If Syr’Nj and E-Merl and the team had been ten minutes sooner, Rabbit and Colonnus could likely have survived. On the other hand, if the team was ten minutes slower, Scipio and Isidro could’ve been berserkified and/or died. That’s all it comes down to, sometimes. Minutes, or even seconds.