Hope y’all enjoyed that little exercise over the last four updates. I didn’t have too many non-redundant things to say about the prior scene, aside from confirming that no, that’s not really Rachel in the illusion-hat, and E-Merl mostly knows this. Instead, I just started writing about the team’s “Fab Four” days, which the comic never really covered in more detail than we get in this chapter… and at some point, it became easier just to write the story than to talk about the story I wanted to see.

About this scene… I really like the way this pays off on issues raised the last time Syr’Nj and Scipio really talked, in a way that I don’t think Flo and I planned or could have planned. We’re also starting to get some comedy at the wrecked Syr’Nj’s expense, and the story needs laughs from some direction at this point, even if its characters aren’t in a joking mood.

My only regret here is that I don’t think the “We?” routine works in panel 2. Syr’Nj’s “we” could as easily exclude Scipio as include him, so his reaction to it seems disingenuous. I could imagine her glancing at him as she says it, but that’s a bit of a stretch. Something like “I’ll look after Scipio for you” would’ve been better.