“It’s on ME, tonight. Seriously, do you guys know how much we Heads of Houses pay ourselves? I could buy us a whole TAVERN if I wanted.”

Man, I love that third panel, which boils a lot of unanswered questions down into one split-second comedy bit with an uncharacteristic yelp from Fr’Nj. Bandit could not have arranged these accommodations with Scipio before she made her escape, because Scipio didn’t even decide to leave the Peacemakers until Fr’Nj did. So she must’ve found him fast and enlisted his aid in smuggling herself out. She does know that he can keep a secret from Syr’Nj, which is something Fr’Nj (and E-Merl) might not have been able to do. Partners generally shouldn’t withhold such information from each other, but in this case, I think it was for the best.

I forgot that Scipio did enjoy a cigar in this scene. It ties nicely to the flame in panel 4 and adds to the mood of celebration in Syr’Nj’s narrative. But it’s probably one of the last stogies he’s going to have if his plan is to assimilate into wood elf society: they’re not big on burning plants for funsies.

Nobody even questions Syr’Nj’s declaration that Sundar is a Peacemaker now. For one thing, they’re just glad to see her positive and together. For another, he has earned the label, and everyone present has seen him do so. He saved Frigg’s life in the Corruptor Beast battle and was a bodyguard for E-Merl and Gravedust’s investigations. He’s kind of a goofball, but so’s E-Merl sometimes. He’s got it where it counts, and he’s got plenty of spirited optimism, which is exactly what the team needs most at this point.

Callbacks to one of Syr’Nj’s early diplomatic triumphs (“shoulder to shoulder”), as well as happier days at the Comfort Room.