Carol the corporate Kool-Aid-consuming cultist.

Tight scene. Covers a lot of what she’s no doubt had to deal with in the days since HR became a recluse, and it seeds some exposition of Hurricane Studios’ current fortunes into organic dialogue with lively conflict.

The name for this extra gave Flo the giggles.

Other cover ideas we dismissed were a seat in the Heads of Houses standing empty, several such seats removed from the Hall and stacked up like so much firewood, and Persson’s hand protruding from a rockpile, signaling his mortal remains could be found under a cave-in (engineered to cover up his assassination). We went another route with Persson, but my overall point here is that as dramatic as the Sepia part of this story will be, it won’t be the main action of the chapter. And wouldn’t knowing that frustrate HR anew?