So here’s a way this page is now dated that I did not expect. “Cats don’t care” was a T-shirt design developed by Flo’s and my friend-in-comics, Ross Nover– Flo worked the gag into my script as a nod to Ross, which I was happy to do. But Ross has stepped away from comics in the intervening years and closed down the store, so I had to trawl the Internet Archive just to find a copy of this image. The line works fine if you don’t know what it’s a nod to, of course. It’s the kind of succinct observation that makes a good T-shirt, just because you don’t need any more context. But still, coming back and finding it not online makes me a bit wistful.

Panel 2: the first time in her adult life that Shanna has ever been told she “seems nice.”

“I don’t have the capacity to take things like this on faith. That’s why I developed a character who did, and then I put what little faith I had into the idea that Hurricane wouldn’t just randomly delete her, and then they did. So you see my problem.”

I like the pacing of this page, and I really like the way those clowning-around faces in panel 4 draw the eye before we start focusing on Shanna and the realization slowly expanding in the pit of her stomach.