Of course, when JJ walked in and shot Kaye dead, he didn’t expect to find her in the middle of a call. His timing’s not that deliberate. His plan was to check her computer and phone records until he found evidence of contact from Shanna and/or Xan, then reach them through those channels… and if that failed, he was pretty sure news of Kaye’s death would travel, regardless. But having stumbled into this conversation, he adapts smoothly.

“I didn’t get to congratulate you on your escape! Because, you know…you escaped. Which would mean you weren’t there for me to congratulate. Not sure where I was going with this…oh, right! Not many people have managed that, so I normally get to congratulate their escape attempts. And then I shoot them.”

Can’t fault Chrissie. Those would probably be my reactions too (panel 1 and panel 4).