Another little flash of Syr’Nj’s pain doing the talking in panel 1. Also…she left Frigg in charge? Did…did anyone tell Frigg this? (I mean, I guess she’s kinda bossing people in the bar on page 2, but no more than usual, you know?)

A few good Kur’Ik moments packed into two panels here. First she kinda steadies Syr’Nj, just by reminding her that someone who looks up to her is watching her. Then she actually corrects her idol, because that kind of free thinking is something Syr’Nj encourages. And finally, she draws on some of her own experiences with Gastonian prejudice to help figure out the team’s whereabouts.

All of that, of course, is just to make sure you like her as much as possible before this nameless assassin hits her with a strike aimed at her boss.