“ROLE initiative! Ah? AHHH? WAKKA WAKKA!” Yyyeahhh, not our best gamer pun. The people who most notably take initiative that subverts their inspired roles, Taro and Best, don’t exactly cover themselves in glory doing so.

Check out the smirks in the background of the last panel. Eat it, grandpa! We had no idea we’d see these particular Sky Elves again, but that reaction shot (Erica’s initiative, I think) gave us a firm foundation when we did.

The note Syr’Nj receives here (foreshadowed in the chapter’s first frame) was related to the question of what Byron and Gravedust are up to while Syr’Nj is just, you know, forging an alliance with the most powerful ally Gastonia will ever have, NO BIG DEAL.