I feel like this is the real conclusion of Sundar’s arc. Brunhilde, and then Byron, and then Syr’Nj, each believed his sword was worthy to be raised in support of their causes. Here, he saves Syr’Nj as he could not save Brunhilde, fully justifying that faith and starting to share it himself.

If we’d made a bigger deal out of this moment, I don’t think it would’ve worked as well, because Sundar’s need for “big moments” is one thing he had to grow past. After his best friend left him in the gutter as a child-selling disgrace to the profession, Sundar veered into overcompensation for a bit. Here, he’s no longer trying to be “Papa Bear” or found Fightopia or get the crowds cheering his name. There’s no “Hey, I saved our leader! I’m pretty great!” He showed similar humility when rescuing Frigg and trying to save Rachel, but that day was too tragic for anyone to feel much fulfillment.

Most of us spend more time in our lives as supporting character than as star. Handling that fact with grace is, paradoxically, a star quality.