It’s good for the state of Syr’Nj’s overall soul that even though she was the one contemplating killing her friend, she’s also the one to ensure her safety as something strange starts to happen to the no-longer-berserking berserker. Frigg’s field separates into its original gold and berserker red, and then dissipates altogether, as the God no one else has seen up to now makes his presence felt.

“We’d better get out of here” feels a bit off, since there’s no one left to attack them, but I suppose there’s a chance HR could come back by and see whether his latest death-trap worked. Still, getting Frigg (and maybe WAV) some treatment seems like a more practical incentive to depart.

I’ll let the alt text stand as it was originally published, but what it expresses is the kind of sentiment that made me…worry about Flo, just a bit.