Remember last page, where I mentioned that I’d avoided Game of Thrones but some of it still leaked into my brain anyway? Yeah, this sequence was one of mine, and I had to change Karmakat(?)’s dialogue when I realized it too directly referenced the single most famous line from GoT. And it was still close enough that Flo felt the need to address that in the alt text. (These days, what with the climate crisis, I worry more about summers.)

You can’t see Auraugu in that faceless mass, but I imagine he’s unmasked in there somewhere. We could’ve made this sequence bloodier, but there’s something more surreally chilling about doing it like this, as if the gnolls solemnly assembled in nondescript, colorless garb and then just dropped.

“Peace, maker Afra.” “Winner revels.” If you like wordplay, this dream isn’t that subtle.

I like Afra’s jammies.

FB: “GUILDED AGE hates it when we can’t tell a weather forecast dream from a horoscope dream.”