Frigg’s clearly trolling for a bit of a reaction when she throws her arm around Syr’Nj’s shoulder and talks about “tapping the sap.” I guess she feels like it’s no longer too soon to bring up Byron, and she’s definitely over Scipio by now. And she gets a reaction…a warm “oh, you” one. I’m sure a dedicated Syr’gg shipper could work with that panel.

But at this stage, Flo and I were more interested in their friendship. This is the kind of textured scene that gets a lot easier if you have the opportunity to write certain characters interacting for years. Frigg and Syr’Nj have had a long and sometimes hard road to their mutual respect. But they’re a solid team by now: two always-distinct perspectives who nevertheless have a lot of common ground.

FB: “Whispers of national intrigue and betrayal…female heroes in non-gender-specific dress…bawdy puns…all GUILDED AGE needs to be Shakespeare today is a little iambic pentameter.”