Love the chemistry between these two, and I’m glad we got this scene in before saying goodbye to their relationship. HR is at his most likable here, and I’m reminded of his early vibe with Carol, where they seemed to be charming near-equals before the narcissism started really poisoning that relationship.

I mean, it’s not like you can’t see the signs of it here. HR casually dismisses Ulak’s whole religion with a flick of a phrase, and I’m not sure he isn’t just cleverly praising himself when he praises the architecture of the portal. Though clearly HR’s the only Hurricane designer who knows his work affects a whole universe, how much of that work he did himself is a little ambiguous. He barely knew who Graiya was, after all.

Still, he knows how to nurture subordinates in ways they won’t easily forget. Only later, after it’s amply demonstrated that he never cared about them as anything but temporary stepping-stones, will they turn on him.