So my original version of this scene left off with Lia’s “It could get you in serious trouble one day” and picked up after JJ had met the cops in a shootout: this page was all Flo’s addition. I was good with restrained storytelling and Flo was good with rage, so I can tell why both of us went the way we did, but I think it’s a good addition. We needed the catharsis of this “mask torn off moment,” and it’s not enough for JJ to survive against the police: he needs to show a little fire for the net few pages to land as they should.

Panel 3: [foreshadowing]

Most of the FBs were by me, but this one was clearly by Flo:

“What if he were a Pokemon? I’m thinking Jellicent. Or maybe Landorus?”


“…Seems like more of an Abomasnow to me.”