“I’m coming,” yells Byron, and a little part of him rejoices at being dependable enough for Syr’Nj to build plans around.

WAV’s time is about to run out, so it only makes sense to give him a little glory before he goes, like being the one to draw first blood against the harpies. In fact, he’s probably the most effective of the five against them: Byron and Frigg are almost entirely occupied with their pets. Their attack will ultimately be blunted by other factors…and those factors are related to why WAV’s time is about to run out.


“…EXECUTING. Get it? Get it? Because you ‘execute’ a protocol but you can also, like, use that word to mean straight-up killing a dude.”

“WAV, you know how we all wanted you to loosen up and sound more like a regular guy? Forget we said anything.”