FB: Lots of people debate the morality of the gun market, but nobody talks about all the upselling.

Flo wrote this obvious parallel to Shanna buying her own gun, setting up Carol and Shanna’s final confrontation and reminding us that they have some things in common. Neither’s really built for violence, but they find themselves dealing in it anyway; both are intellectual and practical, sometimes brutally practical.

There are some key differences too. Carol’s money…and her air of money…ensures that she won’t get a salesman who’s a creepy flirt like Shanna did. And while both Shanna then and Carol now were/are isolated and in desperate straits, Shanna’s dialogue remained colorful and lively if bitter. Carol was capable of wit once, but that seems like a lifetime ago now.

Funnily enough, there’s one more similarity. Carol’s buying the same gun as Shanna did, largely because our gun consultant made the same recommendation after hearing Shanna’s circumstances and after hearing Carol’s.