Joys this page has to offer the reader:

Magda gleefully constructing a mobile cage for Iver in the background, and his little crybaby face when he realizes what she’s doing (stellar minimalist expressions from John here).

Harky showing moderation and good sense as he performs his last peaceful political act, an act that will make the Rebellion stronger, no matter who leads it.

Gravedust’s surprise at his new status. He deposed Iver thinking only of what needed to be done for his people, with little thought to what that would mean for him, personally. Contrast with Iver, who never once lost focus on his own self-interest.

Gravedust’s polite parting line, which is pretty ironic considering the first time he (or his body, at least) shared this arena with Harky.

The mostly-troll audience booing and heckling Iver as he’s carted offstage.

The one last warm laugh shared between the troll warchiefs.

And the last panel, where the differences between Penk and Harky reassert themselves. Penk sees Gravedust depose Iver and thinks, Change for the better really is possible. Iver seemed set to rule selfishly for the rest of his life, and look at him now. But Harky thinks, Change must sometimes be defeated for the common good. This dwarf may claim he is no longer a mystic, but he is still an elder who will bring his people back to many of their old ways. The selfish, war-loving Iver brought change to Savasi leadership, and now that change is no more.