FB: Troll society’s Instagram top nine is kind of depressing.

We never really have time to get into this, but watching this fight has got to be deeply weird for Byron, Syr’Nj, and Frigg. I mean, for one thing, their lives may be on the line if Penk loses. For another, this arena is the site of their own deaths, and skipping over the technicalities, Harky largely caused those deaths.

Byron met Harky in combat after that (as did Syr’Nj briefly, though I doubt she remembers it), and any lingering trauma he has from Harky is probably eclipsed by other traumas he’s risen above (hell, he’s even died again since then). Syr’Nj has been feeling guilty about her own war-inspired prejudices, so she probably sees paying respects to Harky as a growth opportunity, assuming Penk wins. And Frigg is by now mature enough to let some old grudges go when geopolitics depend on it…Syr’Nj has influenced her that much at least.

But even so.