Let’s catch up with the FB ads, shall we?

“A good leader knows how to re-examine a discredited course of action when given new data.”

“To get a proper sense of how high up our heroes are and how much trouble they’re in, scroll down to the bottom of Facebook.”

About the “Big Hoss Barky” thing: “Whenever he speaks, Penk flies all kinds of flags to rally public opinion to his side– banners of family, of honor, and of glory. These are practical, sane ideas: all that rhetorical flag-waving serves a good purpose. But just blurting out spoonerisms in the middle of a speech? That’s not any kind of sane flag-waving. That’s just mad banners.”

And from our team’s departure sequence: “Syr’Nj knows better than to try to communicate with today’s media-saturated #teens using old media like an eagle or parcel post. The best way to reach them is on Scrychat. Meanwhile, Best is posting to Instastache.”

“Arkerra is nowhere near Earth on any star map… indeed, it’s in a whole other dimension. And yet, its sky is about to get a very bright view of Mercury.”