FB: “A very good vintage, year 1078. The grapes are grown on the branches of Yggdrasil, aged in the elevated spires of our city, and seasoned with idealists’ tears.”

Again, I set up this scene, and Flo rewrote and added some dialogue. Frigg actually participating in diplomacy is a bit of a callback to the first scene ever to feature the sky elves. She has of course matured a lot since those early days: in that early scene, Syr’Nj scored her first diplomatic victory by using Frigg and Bandit’s blunter natures as blunt instruments.

I’m currently reading Spock’s World, an old Star Trek novel by Diane Duane about the Vulcans considering secession from the Federation. Their studied aloofness is certainly a parallel to that of the elder sky elves, but now that Caneghem is no longer obligated to make nice with the Altruists (for reasons that will soon become clear), he’s ready to vent a few emotions that he’s been keeping in check for a while.