Frigg effectively wins the fight by throwing the fight here. If Ardaic were focused only on victory like Jarvis, or on flexing his “power” like Taro, he could follow directly behind Frigg and strike at her as soon as she batted away the WMD. He’d have a very good chance of killing her then: as we’ll see, the effort of deflecting this missile will leave her briefly flattened and panting. Or if he were really in win-at-all-costs mode, he could attack her a split second before she deflected the missile, which would most likely kill them both.

And there’s one more option he doesn’t take: he could run after her to help her. As it is, he chooses option (d), hang back and watch what happens. He himself will clarify the reasons he makes this choice in a few more pages.

FB: Taking a break from battery to be a batter.