Script by me, edits by Flo. I mentioned elsewhere that Taro’s intelligence sometimes seemed to vary at different parts of the story, and this was my best attempt to reconcile that. He only applies himself when applying himself directly gratifies his ego. The original hammertank was essentially his co-invention, but now that he’s emperor, he’ll get the same amount of credit for the Ultimate Engine whether he works hard on it or not, so why work hard? Hard work is for stupid losers.


“Knock, knock!”
“Sundar, they can hear you.”
“Knock, KNOCK!”
(sigh) “Who’s there?”
“Mango who?”
“Man, defending this country is bullshit now that everybody’s takin’ orders from Taro, so let’s just get out of here, bro! GO, MAN, GO!”
“You can’t just put the name part at the end of a knock-knock joke like that.”
“Hey, ek-SCUUUUSE MEEEE, but I’m pretty sure the punchline is ALWAYS s’posed to go at the end of a joke! Man, maybe I shoulda been the designer in the family.”
“Micholuszek and Franzington ran off to sound the alarm, by the way.”
“Shit, let’s bolt.”