FB: Frigg was hoping the fight would end like Wii WWE, but instead she’s muttering a wee “w/e.”

An earlier draft had Ardaic helping Frigg with the missile. This is clearly better: he couldn’t help her while he was the Silver Centurion, because the Silver Centurion is the nation. To retain the morality that still guides him, he must now become someone else. Maybe a corpse! I do think his offer to Frigg here is sincere.

Of course, while Frigg really isn’t the best audience for all this talk, she’s not the kind of fighter who would execute a surrendering opponent. Penk, Byron, and Syr’Nj had already forbidden that as a policy matter, anyway.

The Chapter 2 version of Frigg, though, would’ve knocked Ardaic’s ass out well before he got through that soliloquy. “I yield–” “GREAT!” [MACE TO DA FACE]