FB: One eye, one hole, dying, purple, people eaters.

From HR’s vantage point, this attack couldn’t have been better timed. Everyone’s exhausted from fighting and laid down their arms mere moments ago. Was the timing a conscious strategy, an animalistic “sensing of weakness,” or just cruel coincidence? You decide. Exactly how much of HR is still in HR is a question we’re never quite going to nail down in this climax.

Belated note on Ardaic: at one point, our plot did call for him to be the one to kill Taro, although I think that was a draft of mine that Flo never technically agreed to. Child-killing scene issues aside, that might’ve looked like a fulfilling end to Ardaic’s arc…but I would say now that Ardaic doesn’t deserve that kind of superficially fulfilling end to his arc. He’s better off spending some time under his former employee, in this chapter and the next.