FB: Some people might call these “Sepia World” segments mostly “shades of gray,” but we tend to think of their palette as “Earth tones,” or “fall colors.”

HR’s repeated “I couldn’t have done this without you’s” were kind of a litmus test for your observational skills. Almost everyone realized that he was repeating that phrase a lot more than was natural, but when did you realize it? And if it’s the one aspect of this dream besides the body-melting that isn’t tied to Carol’s real memories, did HR say it at all?

I think he would’ve had to say it, for it to stick in Carol’s memory like this. HR is a megalomaniac, but he’s the type of megalomaniac who can sometimes present as a humble, down-to-earth guy (we saw him share the credit with Syr’Nj, a while back). And we did see him butter her up now and then, sweetening the only real relationship he had and investing in her loyalty, which has paid him a lot of dividends up to the present moment.