FB: Heralding apocalypse, a storm forms around a cyclops colossus.

Someone objected to the idea that Xanna’s backup would’ve been getting signal from them in the first place, but that strikes me as one of our more believable details. HR clearly needed internet access to do what he did in the basement, and the idea of Carol building some kind of shielding in there after he tubed himself doesn’t make a lot of logistical sense. In general, companies like Hurricane have great connectivity and wi-fi; they’re just pretty tyrannical about monitoring employee use of it.

This is the last we’ll see of Daniel, Chrissie, and Lia until the battle’s over. In a deleted scene from the script, they run back to their car and take shelter there as the winds grow worse and worse. As the name “Hurricane Studios” starts looking like prophecy, Lia and Daniel cling to each other and essentially confess their feelings, while Chrissie tries to face what’s coming with courage. The scene had some stuff going for it (I feel like sometimes Guilded Age could stand to be a bit more relationshippy). But Penk and the others at the capital would likewise be helpless against a power far beyond them around the same time, so we cut for redundancy.