FB: You know how it is. You’re trying to fix up your jewelry or accessories to get things pretty for the god you like, and then he shows up  early, all dirty and underdressed and shouting, “SUUUUP, BABE?! ALL ENEMIES BURN.”

With her gesture, Fr’Nj turns the narrative of the Battle of B’ial Vezk on its ear. Harky would have stolen Graiya’s Bough to summon Tectonicus. Fr’Nj offers her own bough freely, the focus of her own power, to Harky’s heir. She’s better at burying old grudges than even her sister. Perhaps her willingness to sacrifice it was enough to summon Tectonicus, or perhaps he was already on the way up. The blasphemy of the Tarozerker could’ve been motive enough. But she would have done it. Magda and Penk will not forget that.

Nice job from Flo on the SFX there.